How It Works

Field Owners

Paintball Tickets has been marketing Paintball Fields for over 25 years. We are known as industry leaders and are trusted throughout North America as a primary way to grow the sport of paintball. Our marketing system brought in over 500,000 new players to try the sport last year alone. We increase the industries player base and market paintball facilities through event marketing, business to business sales, and strategic online campaigns all of which we offer for FREE to the facility owner.

In addition to marketing we also operate our own paintball facilities in both California and Washington. Understanding how fields make their money, the importance of the customers experience and the reality of running day to day operations has helped us to more effectively market our sport across North America.

With a new era of daily deal sites sprouting up everywhere Paintball Tickets has partnered with select sites to offer field's more money per player, increased paint sales and better exposure overall.

Our software allows us to partner with different online sites and market fields in a more effective way for the deal site, field owners and customers. This proprietary software offers many valuable free services to field owners that help them gain and maintain new customers while streamlining the entire marketing process for facility owners and their customers.

the bottom line

  • Paintball Tickets is currently working with daily deal companies in markets across the US and Canada. We are inviting your facility to participate in a multi-field marketing campaign.
  • The typical deal will include All Day Admission and Equipment Rentals to parks in your region. We would like your field to be listed as a redemption location.
  • The deals do not include paintballs and these must be purchased from your park on the customer's day of play. There is a minimum paintball purchase required for each person playing.
  • New printable tickets (see below) include all your information, the additional cost of paintballs and air as well as total customer savings. You may include any information here you want your new customers to have prior to arriving. This helps eliminate confusion or issues on the day of play.
  • Paintball Tickets is able to target the sites offering a high quality clientele and the right amount of exposure. Depending on the size of your facility and the capacity of your field you will receive exposure in multiple markets attracting families, groups, the corporate sector as well as individuals.
  • Paintball Tickets is industry specific and NOT a daily deal site needing to fill a pipeline. This marketing program has proven effective in acquiring new players and getting the highest returns on your paint. You receive payment from the player for their paintballs and air directly while your cost to acquire that customer is zero.
  • We are interested in helping the sport grow in a healthy and profitable way for field owners.
  • Paintball Tickets will give you a steady increase in your paint sales and customer base resulting in manageable and profitable growth.
  • View more details and specifics about Paintball Tickets and our marketing

you're invited

Maximum exposure to your target demographic for zero dollars is why this is an effective marketing solution. We are inviting safe, highly rated facilities in your area to participate.

If you feel this type of exposure would benefit your facility and would like more information we would be happy to refer you to our national representative. Please complete the form to discuss the specifics of getting your field signed up.


If you want to play paintball, going through Paintball Tickets is best way to experience the thrill of paintball at an established, insured, safe paintball field at the best possible price. View Participating Fields

your tickets include

  • Admission to the paintball field.
  • A semi-automatic paintball marker used to shoot the paintballs.
  • Goggles and facemask which are the necessary safety equipment.
  • A detailed safety speech and orientation which goes over all of the rules, safety, how to play the game, and how to use the equipment.
Tickets DO NOT INCLUDE: Paintballs and Air which much be purchased at the field. A minimum purchase of 500 paintballs is typically required. The details of the minimum purchase for the field you would like to play at are shown prior to purchase of your tickets.

steps to play

Redeem Ticket

Click on the "Redeem Tickets" link in the nav menu at the top of the page.

Enter your information

Enter your voucher number and all the required information and click "Redeem".

Print ticket and take to facility

You will receive an email with your ticket that you need to print and take with you to the facility.


Have a great time and thank you for using Paintball Tickets.